Custom Automation Solutions

We design and develop automations tailored to your specific needs, providing assistance and maintenance throughout the system’s lifecycle.

Below some of our successful custom solutions.

Robotic island for automatic loading


Automazione automotive

Implementation of a robotized island for automatic loading of clips to replace the operator.
Integration with existing equipment built by third parties for automatic insertion of plastic clips.

Two-axis milling head for hinge



The machine is designed to insert hot metal hinges of small size and various shapes on plastic shapes on which a small round, rectangular, or square millimeter deep mill is first made.

Cutting press tending and discharge



The equipment has been conceived to automatically load and unload a sheet metal cutting press, of various sizes and materials, into smaller sheets that are used to produce details in the fashion industry.

Heating furnace for bending rods


Forno di riscaldamento per curvatura aste

The item to be heated is placed on the right entrance opening that, once it runs through the entire length of the oven, will exit from the left opening.
Adjustment must be made according to the item size and according to the required curvature.

Injection molding

Asservimento Pressa a iniezione

The machine is designed for automatic insertion of small parts during a hot stamping process.
Automation selects some part types from a pair of vibrating linear plates and proceeds, through a pair of anthropomorphic robots, to their insertion inside the mold prior to hot stamping.
Subsequently, it takes the semifinished material formed during the molding process and makes the cut by conveying the semifinished product into separate collection tanks.

Air-conditioned buffer


Polmone climatizzato

The machine is designed to create an items buffering system with appropriate capacity to cope with downstream line machines and continue uninterrupted production at the same time.

FIFO buffer for temporary storage


Polmone FIFO per immagazzinamento temporaneo

The machine is a storage and re-insertion system for wafer blocks that allows wafer products to be received from a production line and temporarily stored in case of downline machine stoppage and then reinserting them in the line once reinstated.

Carton forming Tray & Hold


The machine automatically creates a packaging solution that simplifies the work of the supermarket during the product exposure.
The machine automatically creates a packaging solution that simplifies the work of the supermarket during product display.