We design and develop automation solutions for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Our decades of experience enables us today to develop automation solutions for all areas and all requirements, even tailor-made. The strengths of Patreider automations have always been: Simple cleaning, Flexibility, Ease of use, Accuracy, Reliability, Compact design, Quick change format.

Solutions for Industrial Automation

Innovative Primary and Secondary Tending Systems; Depalletizers, manipulators, cutting systems and automatic warehouses.

One of the main elements that qualify our company is Industrial Automation, that is, the use of robotic devices to support production activities.

Custom industrial automation

Hardware & software design, commercial material retrieval, assembly, testing, commissioning and after-sales service.

Continuous innovation for high-speed, reliable and steady production.
Having delivered almost tailor-made solutions to various industrial sectors, we have been able to export solutions from one world to another.
In this way, we provided automations with solutions that initially seemed almost impossible

Food industry

Cutting and handling, packing, packaging systems, bagging machines, automatic packing machines, blister machines.

For over 25 years PATREIDER has produced automation for the food industry.
The materials’ know-how and the handling of formats allows us to make machines for any product. In this field, the company has developed technologies and expertise on the construction of specialty machines: cutting and handling, packaging systems, bagging, automatic packaging, blisters and complete production lines.

Automation: Cosmetic / Pharmaceutical Industries

Handling, blister machines, automatic packing machines, packaging and bottling machines.

An industry for which we can offer a wide range of technology solutions.
Handling machines, blister machines, automatic packing machines, packaging machines and, above all, primary and secondary maintenance automations. We can provide complete production lines.

Handling of products

Robotic and automated systems for manipulating the most diverse products.

The long history of use of robotic systems gives our technicians the necessary know-how to make the most convenient grippers for each type of product.


Robotic and automated systems for the handling of the most varied products.

Layout and cycle times often require the production of specially designed buffer systems, automatic warehouses and omnidirectional transport lines for all products.