Technological solutions for the automation of production processes:

Handling & Manipulation Assembling, Blistering & Packaging, Cutting, Palletizing & Storage.

Food Industry

In the food field, we propose machines that can meet customer needs in a sector that today encompasses industrial processes for any food and raw material processing. The desire to take a different path from existing systems has prompted us to look for innovative solutions tailor-made for every need.

Progettazione realizzazione soluzioni automazione produzione

Pharmaceutical Industry

Based on the real demands of a market, considered today as one of the most profitable and important business in the world, we develop high-tech industrial automation systems for manipulating and tending products, integrated with Robot and Vision Systems, where necessary, whilst maintaining mechanical precision.

Progettazione realizzazione soluzioni automazione produzione

Cosmetic Industry

We are specialized in the supply of industrial automation in several sectors including the cosmetics industry, around which one of the most important production activities has been developed. We particularly stand out in this field, in the construction of automatic packaging machines, packaging and bottling machines.

Progettazione realizzazione soluzioni automazione produzione


A full package of services at your disposal.

The commitment that our technical team has set from the beginning is to provide tailor-made machines and specialty machines with exclusive patents and, above all, to support the customer during the most important phases: from designing the project to making it, from assembly to installation, from on-site testing at the customer’s premises to production, from routine and extraordinary maintenance to the assistance and training of the staff. In addition, with after-sales service we ensure quick and effective interventions with flexible and customized solutions, thus increasing efficiency and productivity.